Welcome to RMHS Drama!
The Drama Club of Reading Memorial High School is a group of over 200 students working together to create theatre for the greater Reading community. Each year we present a variety of plays and musicals and offer students many opportunities to grow as performers and technicians.
If you are looking for information on the upcoming performance of ImprovBoston on April 14th at 7:30 p.m., visit our Special Events page.
Recent News
PSST Update: 4/23/2014

LAST EVER Saturday Set Build for this Drama Year!!
On this coming Saturday, April 26, 10 - 4. Whoa, can't believe it is true, but it is.

Last Call for cell phone and inkjet cartridge donations
Spring cleaning this week?? Please consider bringing in your old cell phones and spent inkjet cartridges to RMHS Drama. The DeLucas will be collecting them at the Fundraising Table during the Tom Sawyer performances, and turning them into fundraising dollars for us. Thank you very much for remembering to bring in your stuff! If you want to bring it to the box office during box office hours during the week, that is fine, too!

Box Office is open all next week
Monday through Thursday, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. and 90 min. prior to each show.
Here is the ticket order form, if you want to print it and fill it out before you come to the box office.
Be sure to avoid the long lines before the performances and come see us next week.

Town Meeting Bakers for Monday, April 28th?
If any of you are looking for a reason to bake -- we could use a few items for our Town Meeting Refreshment table, April 28. It is a really nice thing that PSST is able to do for our dedicated Town Meeting members, and for our equally dedicated public servants on the Board of Selectman and Finance Committee. Many people come to town meeting straight from work, so PSST can provide a little pizza dinner, bottles of water and a dessert/snack.

Volunteers Needed for Lobby and Backstage Tom Sawyer
By now, you all know that the show lobby cannot function at all without our amazing parents! Please click on the attached form and contact Gina Fiore, with your name and with your preferences for working during show nights. ginafiore@comcast.net. No experience required, and I promise you will enjoy yourself! It is lots of fun!

For those families who are new to Drama with this production -- and there are A LOT of you this spring -- PSST asks each family of all cast and all crew members to bring in 18 to 24 individually wrapped snacks, or water. The items can be either home baked or store bought. If your last name is, A-M, please bring a snack. If your last name is, N-Z, please bring a case of 24 water bottles/16.9oz. For more important details, such as how to label the items, please click on this attached letter. Please email your refreshment questions to Joan Clark at tomandjoan4@verizon.net. These items provide a treat for our theatre guests, and also is a terrific money-maker for the Drama Club. So thank you, in advance, for you donations of refreshments on Friday, May 2nd.

PSST Update: 4/15/2014

Refreshments for Tom Sawyer:
Each crew and cast member is expected to bring something in for Refreshments for Tom Sawyer. This attached letter from our Refreshment Coordinators explains everything. We are doing something a little different for this show. Students with last names beginning with A-M, please bring a individually wrapped snack. If your last name is N-Z, please bring a case of 24 water bottles/16.9oz. Please click on this attachment to read the details. If you could bring your contribution on Friday night, that would be great. Thank you for your contributions of refreshments! This is a fantastic money-maker for the Drama Club and we couldn't do it without you.

Lobby & Back Stage Volunteers Needed:
It is time to staff up for Tom Sawyer. Please see attached form, we need everyone's assistance. No experience required, we promise you will have fun and work with some pretty great parents and students! Again, we rely on parents so much, and we deeply appreciate parents willingness to help us out during the shows.

Set Build Remaining:
Please come join us, there is always plenty to do, a job for everyone, and again, no experience is required!
Tonight, Tuesday, 4/15, 6 - 9 p.m.
Saturday, 4/19, 10 - 4
Saturday, 4/26, 10 - 4
Tuesday, 4/29, 6- 9 p.m.

Tickets for Tom Sawyer:
Box office hours will begin again on April 28th, show week, from 6:30 - 7:30 and 90 min. prior to each performance. Also, you can buy your tickets on ticketstage.com. There is still time to send the order form to our PO Box 432, Reading, MA. Or, if it is easier, have your son or daughter drop your ticket order in the mailbox outside Mrs. Cunha's office.

Need help with sewing and/or cutting dresses, etc.:

I received word this evening from Erline Trites, our costume coordinator, that we are in need "costume builders." We need to make 4 dresses and a jacket. So I am sending out another plea to our fantastically talented and ever-willing parent community -- if any of you can sew, or can cut out patterns, please contact Erline Trites. Or just come to Saturday's set build. Erline is concerned about getting it all done by show time, especially because we lost this some time with the cancellation of tonight's Set Build. Her email is dogghamlet@verizon.net. You can cut and/or sew at home, if you don't want to work during Set Build hours.

Happy Passover, Happy Prom, Happy Easter and have a great vacation everyone! Hope to see you at Set Builds.

Upcoming Productions
Tom Sawyer, the Musical

Fri May 2nd @ 7:30PM
Sat May 3rd @ 7:30PM
Sun May 4th @ 2:00PM